Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Plastic Lounge Chairs Makeover

I do not like plastic furniture. I quite dislike anything plastic. But I dislike being wasteful more. Quite a few years ago we wanted lounge chairs for the backyard. Of course I wanted teak ones. But not having much money hinders that plan. Coincidentally, I literally stumbled across these while on a walk. Someone was throwing them out. Besides being a bit dirty they were in good shape. I brought them home, almost as a joke, and painted them for a first Father's day present for my husband. Unfortunately I let him decide the color...

Yeah....  I knew I wasn't going to like the color but it was his choice. So over the years other projects, vacations, babies, etc. came up and we just never got around to getting new ones. And I would have tossed them if they weren't so damn comfortable! 

Recently we had my first daughter's 5th birthday party and invited a ton of people we didn't know (her classmate's parent's and siblings) and I HAD to fix up the yard. These have been an eye sore for me so I made it a priority to "refresh".

Tada! I almost like them now! At least they blend in to the scenery a little better. ;)

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