Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Master Bath!

Hey-O! Look at this - we have a completed project! The Master Bath in our home is usable and fully functional. Well... we still need to mount the tp holder that is somehow missing a part, but that's not holding us back. And we LOVE it! The photos don't do it justice because there is terrible natural light in this room but you guys can get the gist of it.

It wasn't horrible before but what we couldn't stand was the shower or coffin, as I liked to call it. I'm only 5'3" but I felt extremely claustrophobic in it. There was no light in there so you were pretty much showering in the dark. And it was only about 30x32 inches. I don't know what the architect in the 50's was thinking with this one!

We had it torn down to the frame, added all new copper plumbing and drains and added a 12" wall to pull the shower out. Makes such a huge difference! We chose a carrera marble vanity top and tiles in the shower, and faux wood ceramic tiles on the floor.

It's so fancy! Ahhhh......


  1. Turned out great, Kat!! I bet it's a huge difference to you guys. Where did you buy that turquoise stand thing that's in your shower?!

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