Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fireplace Woes.

 I detest my fireplace. It's boring, too big for the wall and has no mantle. I would love to do something to the whole wall but the other issue is that it's crooked. It's a bent wall. For some reason the fireplace portion of the wall is at an angle. So for us to do anything to it would require major construction. And that isn't going to happen for a while. My goal is to have some sort of mantle by next Christmas. I love hanging the stockings and making a pretty display. And I can't do that with what I have now. But I took this picture because the light was so nice that I almost like my fireplace. Eh... nah... Still hate it!


  1. I would just put some masonry board over the fireplace brick and tile over it. Have Mr. Katch build a mantle and call it a day!

    Like Steve's in this link!

  2. And while your at it, take about 3 or four rows of brick off the top!