Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moroccan Dresser

I did it! I finished another piece. Well, this one has been done for a couple weeks. But I had to find knobs and take beauty shots (I'm still working on my photography skills). This is a dresser that I refinished for my sister. They're going to use it as a TV media piece. I'm pretty stoked with it! I even tried a distressing technique that I think came out pretty nice. Not too much, just a little wear and tear ;) What do you think?!

This piece is now on consignment at Buttermilk Sky in old town Tustin, CA. Go check it out if you can! www.buttermilkskyhome.com



  1. I love this piece. I wish I could have it for my home!

  2. Oh how I would kill for this if it could be shipped. I'm in love.